Pro Spring MVC: with Web Flow

Today not a technical entry, but a small announcement. The book I wrote together with Marten Deinum is finally out! I got my copy yesterday and it looks rather good, if I say so myself:-)

The chapters I wrote:

  • Testing Spring MVC applications
  • Spring Web Flow
  • Building applications with Spring Web Flow
  • Advanced Spring Web Flow
  • Spring Security

I started writing on it around half December, the final touch (at least by us, authors) was made somewhere half June. I never expected that writing would be so difficult, it was quite a challenge. What I originally estimated as four weeks of work (two weeks full-time during vacation time and two weeks only evenings, after normal working hours) turned out to be almost five months! Writing good quality software is difficult, but writing content for a book is an even greater challenge.

At the end it was quite an interesting experience to go through the entire development cycle of a book. It was also a good learning path for the technology itself. Even though I have been working a long time with these technologies, it still took a lot of investigation to be able to write adequately about it.

Anyway, if you are doing front-end work with Spring MVC, Web Flow2 or are intrigued by these technologies, go take a look! The book is available on Amazon or directly from Apress.

Happy reading!

Koen Serneels

Koen Serneels